Ferragamo Gancio/Marissa-help

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  1. Hi all:

    I have almost made up my mind to buy a Ferragamo Marissa bag. I am looking at the Large one (as it can double for work). What do you all think about this size of bag? Do you think it is too big? I am 5'5". Do you think it can be a day into night bag? I like the smaller one also, but I think this bag would be limited to after work.
    Also, which one do you like better?: the black one with gold hardware or black with silver hardware?
    I also briefly considered the Ferragamo peccary leather satchel which is on the NM site. Which bag do you like?
    Does Ferragamo ever get discounted?
  2. Can you post pictures?
  3. ferragamo has outlet stores.. don't know if they have the gancio there, there is one at the premium outlets at Desert Hills in the Palm Springs area, CALI.
  4. I really don't think that Black Gancio/Marissa will go on sale any time soon. You can get 20% off Ferragamo bags during Bloomingdale's Friends & Family event (11/15-11/19; presale starts a week before the event).
  5. (source: Neiman Marcus online)
    Gancio Leather Shoulder Bag, Large

    • Choose Nordic blue (shown) or chocolate (shown) goatskin.
    • Silver metal hardware.
    • Top handles with rings; front flap with Gancini turn-lock closure.
    • Side straps with gancini buckles; side zip pockets.
    • Pleated front.
    • Inside: zip pocket, cell-phone pocket, and Blackberry® pocket.
    • 13"H x 20 1/2"W x 3 1/2"D.
    • "Gancio" is made in Italy.

  6. (source: Neiman Marcus online)
    Gancio Leather Shoulder Bag

    • Metallic chocolate goatskin.
    • Golden hardware.
    • Top handles with rings; front flap with gancini turn-lock closure.
    • Side straps with Gancini buckles.
    • Pleated front.
    • Inside: zip pocket, cell-phone pocket, and Blackberry® pocket.
    • 10"H x 22"W x 2 3/4"D.
    • "Gancio" is made in Italy.

  7. wow, that's a real pretty bag..
  8. I don't like the look of Peccary Leather Satchel.

    (source: Neiman Marcus online)
    Cricket Peccary Leather Satchel
    A classic Ferragamo satchel perfect for work.
    • Choose chocolate (shown) or black (see below) peccary leather.
    • Golden hardware.
    • Top handles; shoulder strap.
    • Zip top.
    • Front flap pockets with extended Gancini tabs.
    • Inside: zip pocket, cell-phone pocket, and Blackberry® pocket.
    • 12 1/2"H x 15 3/4"W x 4 3/4"D.
    • "Cricket" is made in Italy.

  9. Yogagirl, are you referring to these bags? Marissa comes with chain right? I like the shape of the regular sized Gancio more than Large.

    (source: neiman marcus online)
    Gancio Pleated Handbag

    The classic look of Ferragamo handbags in a rich new hue—perfect for fall.
    • Cranberry kidskin.
    • Silver metal hardware.
    • Shoulder straps with rings.
    • Open top; extended tab with Gancini bit.
    • Belted gussets with Gancini buckles.
    • Pleated body.
    • Inside: zip pocket, cell-phone pocket, and Blackberry® pocket.
    • 10"H x 22"W x 2 3/4"D.
    • "Gancio" is made in Italy.

  10. Which do you think would look beter: black leather with gold or with silver hardware? Also, if I were to go with the smaller Marissa, do you like this better than the MJ Mischa? If I go with a smaller bag, I will get the Coach Hamptons business tote, since I have a gift certificate and still need something for work.
  11. Hi Yogagirl: I own the regular-sized Marissa--the one pictured in posts #6 and #9. Several other PFers do too. Mine is black with silver hardware. I've had it about a year, and I love it. The style is elegant and classic, and it is easy to wear and carry. It's quite roomy. I do use mine for work. You might want to try this size on, if possible. Whichever style you decide on, I think Ferragamo is a great choice. I own three Ferragamo bags. Good luck.
  12. I like Black with Silver, but Gold hardware is IN right now. I like the gathering & details of Gancio a lot, it's not overly formal. It can certainly be worn after work as well. The smaller size Gancio (22W") is not small at all, it's almost twice as wide as Mischa (12W"); you might want to try it on in real life first. I really like Gancio & wanted to get it for myself a while ago too; it's very....very wide for me so I passed. Coach's Hamptons Tote is a good choice for work too.

    I believe Marissa is the one with the chain (pictured below, from NM online). The style with leather shoulder strap is called Gancio.

  13. That's such a pretty bag!
  14. The Marissa does come with a chain, but I like the original one in posts 6 and 9 without the chain. The one with the chain omits the classic hardware that I like. I also wonder if the chain adds weight.
    I think my decision now is whether to go with the bigger version which is taller, or the smaller one which is wider. I seem to recall that before, I thought the smaller one looked quite wide when I carried it in the store. The larger one is definitely more of a tote bag. Do you think that if I were carrying the larger one, it would look huge if I was using it NOT for work?
    I was thinking that if I buy this one, I could avoid a second purchase of a Coach tote for work. However, I am not sure how the larger one would look as a regular "purse". I love the MJ Mischa, but will probably only buy it if it ends up being included in the NM sale as I think that I can probably carry the Ferragamo bag longer.
  15. I tried all these different Gancio & Marisa at my local Bloomies before; in terms of weigh, Marisa's chain strap isn't anywhere close to MJ's hardware (if I remember correctly). The smaller Gancio is only 1.5" wider than the large which doesn't look so wide b/c of its height. I think the Large does look huge for non-work occasions, but some members prefer big bags though. Do you carry a lot of files with you? If not, the smaller size is a better choice.

    I really don't think MJ's Hudson and Mischa are going down in price yet.