Ferragamo Gancio for discount!?

  1. So..recently i bought a chanel bag and now..my friend told me that shes flying to japan and well she gets 35% off hermes, ferragamo, fendi and gucci (we both work at the airport) so she told me that she is willing to help me get a bag..but lately i spent so much i dunno whether i should buy another one..the one i want is Ferragamo Gancio AND it just so happens the soft wrinkly black leather one with gold hardware is for 365 dollars ON SALE! (35% off 895 AND an addictional 35% for employee discount)...should i get it!? SHOULD I NOT? im broke but gawd..it seems like once in a lifetime that it is that cheap! but i have to say..the gancio i wanted originally is the burgundy one..

    should i save my money for the one i love or just buy the one i like and its on sale?

    PS. the burgundy one is no longer at the store =( so i cant get the discount for it.