Ferragamo from Bluefly

  1. I just purchased this bag on Bluefly:

    Bluefly - Designer apparel & accessories for women - save up to 75% every day - #2067787 - Ferragamo black pebble calfskin Gancio satchel

    Should I be concerned that it is a fake??!! Unfortunately, I didn't know about their questionable reputation until after I ordered. I haven't received the bag yet, but now I'm totally paranoid!

    Has anyone else ordered Ferragamo bags from them? Any problems with authenticity??
  2. wow that looks really pretty.. i have ordered other bags from them previously but that was way before all the other things had happened....
  3. I just ordered the same one--can you tell me if it looks really big in person?
  4. soz dont know anything bout the authenticity of tht site but the bags lovely....hope its real :smile:
  5. Wow! Now it's out of stock already!
  6. The problem with Bluefly was only limited to a batch of Chloes and Balenciagas. As far as I know, everything else they have sold is the real deal.
  7. I ordered a Ferragamo bag from Bluefly before. It was authentic and the leather was amazing. Great choice!
  8. I ordered this style in ostrich from Ferragamo.
  9. I've ordered two bags from them, both authentic.
  10. Good luck with your Ferragamo purchases, ladies!!! I think you'll be ok. As ArmCandyLuvr mentioned, fakes have not been a widespread problem at Bluefly.

    Ferragamo makes great classic bags at great prices, IMO. I've owned three for several years now, and they've held up very well. Please post pics when you get yours.:tup:

  11. The problem that they had was due to customers keeping the original bag and replacing it with a fake. They have solved that by using security tags now. :yes:
  12. I ordered a Bottega Veneta from Bluefly and it was fine (more than that, it's superduperfine). That Ferragamo is gorgeous, congrats!
  13. I have ordered several bags from Bluefly and I am happy with them. If they aren't authentic they are very high quality fakes!:p Cosmopolitan, your bags are beautiful!
  14. It should be authentic!
    Items on Bluefly pop on and off, it might come back if you check on it impulsively (heh :} ), the same bag in white is in the sale section of Neimanmarcus.com for $714


    Hope the link works

    Congrats on the purchase! Show us modeling pics when you get it, bluefly ships quite quick! :}

    edit: er, well the one on Neiman's is a bit bigger in measurements...