Ferragamo Final Markdown Sale 12/26- 1/6

  1. Just received a flyer today saying it starts the day after Christmas and goes through January 6th, with "no further reductions" thereafter. (Until they go to the outlets of course :p)
  2. Sounds great! Is it at their stores only or also in department store? Do you know which locations in SF? I'll be there over Christmas.
  3. ^I believe it's only Ferragamo boutiques except their NY store-in-stores (bags at Bloomie's, shoes at Saks). In SF there's a large Ferragamo boutique right on Union Square next to LV :yes: Have fun!
  4. I hope this applies to the Ferragamo Boutique online @ NM.
  5. Guys do you know what handbag discounts look like at the final cuts at ferragamo?
  6. so how much will the bags be discounted? i know that the bags are currently at 30% right now. thanks.
  7. Will flats go on sale as well?
  8. Well...I guess i forgot to mention, but they already went into final cut mode in chicago.....they claimed that they have too much merchandise to move quickly so they decided to go on sale early....
  9. I just posted on another forum that I bought a wonderful Ferragamo at Saks at Bal Harbour this week. It was 30% off and I happened to love the look of the leather, distressed, soft, large and slouchy. Something just came over me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my obsession!!
    Resized 2.jpg Resized 3.jpg Resized one.jpg
  10. Love that bag, I've been tempted for months!
  11. Great choice! Did someone say EXCEPT NY boutique? So, I would have to go to Bloomie's for the sale?
  12. so, what is the final markdown for the bags? thanks.
  13. I went to the boutique today, and I saw nothing impressed!