Ferragamo: Do you like these?

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  1. Just wondering what your comments are on the two bags below. I have seen the small one in person and think it would make a lovely evening bag. Very clean lines, simple and won;t go out of style. It's has a slight sheen to it. As for the larger one, I'm hoping to find one in black, not sure if they do it.

    picst from neiman marcus

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  2. wow,,,,i love them. Ive seen the white one when i was in paris.But not in black that time.
  3. I think the white one is really cute.
  4. I like the white one. I don't like the closure on the evening bag. It looks like it would open too far. Is that the case? I love the color tho.
  5. Thanks, I'm hoping to find a black one for the larger shoulder bag, but i think they only do it in canvas rather than all leather. As for the smaller one, it kind of opens like a box but with just 2 flaps, one on top of the other, secured with the buckle. Still deciding... i might pop in to see how the larger one looks in real life...i like the white, but i don;t think it's practical :love:
  6. Oh I have the white one in a smaller version and it's turquiose! I LOVE it! It's so soft and stays on my shoulder perfectly!
  7. oooh... now i can't wait to get to the ferragamo store. Is this the new season? i know they are having a sale now, not sure if this is part of the older or spring season collection..... ahhh, i can;t get to the store till friday....
  8. I'm trying to attach a pic of my purse, but it's telling me my pic is too big. Can anyone tell me how I can resize my pics? Thanks!

  9. If I knew how to resize I could have my collection up, I have not a clue. I wish I knew, but I hate technology!( I had to send my pic to someone else to have them size it and post it, haha)
  10. oh, USCgerl, i would love to see a pict of your bag. Can you crop it or something to make it smaller? Otherwise, I think you can save it in photoshop or something similar and save it as a smaller file (less pixels) so it is not that large... sadly, i'm not that great with tech either!
  11. those two are nice, but personally a little too plain...
  12. I love the white one
  13. I figured it out...yay me! :biggrin:

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  14. Very pretty bag!
  15. Beautiful bag! Thanks for showing us pics.:P