Ferragamo Celtico - opinions

  1. I'm ready to get my next Ferragamo and this style is it. I'm torn between the patent leathers - I really love the brown - and the calf leathers (black, taupe). WDYT? I know patent is classic, but it's currently trendy so that's holding me back a bit. And I know the calf leather is durable and can take a beating.

    Patent Leather

    Calf - I only have pics of black and taupe
  2. I LOVE this bag! It's on my wishlist, too. I would go with calf because patent is a bit trendy and you wouldn't be able to wear it as often or with as many outfits as the calf one.
  3. I can't see the calf versions but the patent ones don't like quite as classic as they should. The style is really great looking, but I think it would look better in the regular calf.
  4. i like the calf better! this style is pretty unique =)
  5. thanks for your opinions!!
  6. I prefer calf...part of the appreciation for a nice bag for me is the leather and patent doesn't do it for me, plus I think it looks dressy while calf is more versatile. But if you have many bags, lilke to change frequently and want a patent one, then maybe that one is for you.
  7. Just thought I'd post an update for you Ferragamo lovers out there!

    I finally bought my Celtico - I ended up with the black calf and I just :heart: it. It's the smallest version of the Celtico, with a bit more N/S look to it compared to the others. I'm so glad that I opted not to get the patent!


    It's very roomy inside - one big center compartment with snap closure, and on either side are smaller compartments. Very functional and practical bag, another Ferragamo winner!

  8. Ooh, very nice!!!
  9. thank you, pseub!
  10. It's really pretty, but I didn't like it as much IRL in the patent when I saw it. But it's REALLY nice in the calf.
  11. The calf is pretty and I agree that the patent seems very "here and now"!
  12. I :heart: ferragamo! :smile: The style is beautiful! Congrats :biggrin:
  13. Too cute! I love it in the calf! (I thought the patent was nice, also, but would be difficult to work with IRL.)
  14. Congrats! The leather looks nice and smooshy!
  15. another vote for calf here! i've seen it irl and it's just a beautiful bag!