Ferragamo Calipso Boots

  1. Sorry i tried to find a thread on these beauties but couldnt see any..does anyone own a pair or have any revelations on these shoes that they are willing to share..do they hold up well?? etc..i was wondering around chadstone shopping centre (australia, melbourne) and came across these beauties..what do all u ladies think..u are more expert than i am haha..and i cant seem to find any celebs wearing these(this is how i usually make up my mind to buy as shallow as it seems).
    anyone care to shed some light on them plssss
  2. I have these but they are all black leather. There is only still a few floating around Australia and Europe from when I checked. The leather is extremely soft and comfortable, in fact they are the most comfortable boots I've ever owned
  3. .... Sent that too early. I've only had mine about 2 months, but so far they are holding up great!
  4. jacqualyn2 - did you try them on? How did they feel? What is the middle part...suede?
  5. I couldnt find a pic of the all leather ones so i just posted up the suede and leather but the all leather one is the one im talking about..and yes i tried them on and they were extremely comfy ..they remind me of hermea riding boots but lighter
  6. I did try them on and they were extremely comfortable
  7. Did you buy them in the end?
    They are so sleek looking!

    I've reserved my size in the all leather dark chocolate brown in Calipso. I'm picking it up this saturday!! Woo hoo!!