Ferragamo butterfly scarf rings

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  1. With all you ladies recently buying scarves I thought you'd like to see these. Very pretty, uh?


    $75 each.
  2. Here are their Gancini scarf rings.
  3. Oh! I love the butterfly rings! So cute!
  4. Very cute. I'm actually looking to buy a Hermes twilly & a small Pucci for summer. I was thinking of one of those cotton Puccis that are only about $50, but I saw it in person on someone and it just wasn't dressy enough for work, in my opinion. You wear these rings with larger scarves, right?
  5. The butterfly rings are gorgeous!
  6. ooh i might hafta get one of those butterfly rings.....but i just got an hermes scarf ring....i can't have 2 scarf rings when i only have one scarf.... :cry:
  7. :love: :love: :love: most things Ferragamo
  8. Oh! Those butterfly scarf things are so pretty!!! I need to find one! That would be perfect for my MIL! Where oh where???
  9. The butterfly rings are very elegant
  10. I like the butterfly rings, so cute.
  11. Both styles are quite a nice twist.
  12. You can buy them at NM's website.;)
  13. Very nice scarf rings, the butterflies are so pretty! And summery!
  14. So cute!
  15. Those butterflies are beautiful!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.