Ferragamo Ballet flats with rubber sole - squishy sound


Nov 26, 2005
ok, i think this sounds wierd.. but I have this beautiful pair of Ferragamo ballet flats which are ultra comfortable. The sole are rubber and there is a 0.5inch heel which is also made of rubber.

I wore them to the office and it was a complete nightmare! They made a squishy sound whenever I walk! I never realise it when I bought it but in the office, as it was so quiet, i could hear every step i take! it was so embarassiing!!! Is there anyway that I can solve the problem?

I really don't know if i can replace the sole as the entire sole seems to be like one single piece of rubber..



Jul 5, 2007
Hmm...that's odd. Is the sound coming from the shoe itself or from your walking (i.e. the air in the space b/w your foot and shoes)? If it is latter, it may be as simple as putting in a little footpetal or something. If the sound is coming from the shoe itself, I would consider taking them back to the store as a defect. Sometimes even the best shoes are defectively constructed. You should be able to get an exchange.