Ferragamo Bag Owners - I Need Your Help

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  1. I'm sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong forum.

    My mom bought a Ferragamo bag off e-bay (I know I told her to be careful), but the woman she bought it off sells used hangbags from other designers (Coach, Louis and Dooney) and has all positive feedback. She guarentee's authenticity.

    My Questions is how is the lining in your Ferragamo bags. The Bag leather itself is very soft and you can tell its good quality, but the lining is paper like. Very rough. There is nothing insides indicating that it is a Ferragamo bag as well (nothing on the lining or a tag). The zippers on the outside are the typical horse-shoe like ones, but the 2 zippers on the inside are just regular zippers. It also has a cell-phone pocket. She said this bag is a defect bag, because it has a blemish on it next to the top. Do they even sell defect bags in the outlets? It also has tag of the leather, like the fake louis do (I know dead give away)

    I will post pics (of the lining) when I get my camera back soon from my friend who borrowed it. For now I included the link to the e-bay site. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEBTOX:IT&item=270203108114&_trksid=p3984.cTODAY.m238.lVI I'm going to go to the Neiman Marcus I know, just want your opinion before I drive all the way to New Jersey.

    Thank you so much :smile: I really appreciate it.
  2. Are those zippers plastic? On the outside? I've never seen an expensive bag with plastic zippers in the outside.
  3. The zippers are plastic on the inside, painted beige. The outside ones are metal. As seen in the pics from her auction.

    I took some pictures from the inside. It looks aweful and just fake. Even the costmetic bags that they sell on eBay have a better lining then this bag.
    111_1142.JPG 111_1144.JPG 111_1140.JPG
  4. I looked at the auction pics and the outside zippers look plastic. The zipper pulls look metal but the actual zipper teeth, look plastic. I have a Marisa and the lining is a tan cotton material if that helps.
  5. My bag is a few years old now so I don't know if they've changed things.

    Mine has a metal zipper with "Ferragamo" stamped on one side, the lining is fabric with "Salvatore Ferragamo" all over it and it has a leather tag with "Salvatore Ferragamo" "Made in Italy" and a letter/number ID.
  6. From what I've observed, Ferragamo has had many kinds of linings on the inside, but never had they had that kind of lining in your pictures. I could be wrong, but to me this looks completely fake. Sorry :{
  7. Thank you so much ladies. My mom brought it to Neiman Marcus and have it authenticated and it is indeed a fake. I'm getting my money back, the woman who consigned the piece was also tricked by her friend, who claimed it was real. Lesson learned, stick to trusted websites and department stores. Thank you again :smile: