Ferragamo bag in apple green

  1. :love:I have this bag on hold at NM in black. I'm waiting for a black Chanel shoulder bag to arrive at my house. I'll have to choose between this Ferragamo and the Chanel. I'll post pics of the Chanel when I get it and maybe you guys can help me decide which one to keep. In the meantime, isn't this apple green color:love:
  2. I love this style bag and color, but not in the shiney leather. I like the soft, supple leather...yummm.
    (30) Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Shoulder Bag - 1150.JPG
  3. Hi there! I am a new member. I just bought a black marissa bag with wicker details on the buckle. It is absolutely gorgeous. Sorry, I can't post pic as dh lent his digital cam to his sister (who's in another country). My ferragamo fabric bag's handles broke twice so now I 've bought a leather one. Hopefully, this will last longer, godwill. I just love this style since last year but did not buy one as they only had small petite ones which can't fit anything in.
  4. That green is absolutely gorgeous, Kat! Great choice! I wonder what other treasures they have at NM!!
  5. The one I have on hold in black is not shiny like the green one, but the style is like the green one. The pic you posted I notice there is a zippered pocket on each side of the bag. I wonder why that is?:huh:
  6. I absolutely love this bag! I saw it in purple and fell in love. This apple green color is even better :nuts: It's gorgeous. Kat, you have great taste :love: Can't wait to see the photos of this bag in black and your Chanel!
  7. The bag with 2 zipper pockets at the side which purse mama got is absolutely awesome. I wish they have that style here at the boutique. Kat, you can look at this style at www.styledrops.com . They have them in white, beige and black but black is the best color imo.
  8. I admit that I love the gancio, but it's hard to beat a classic, so I'd have to vote Chanel!
  9. I also adore the bag in gold metallic with wicker details!
  10. Thanks for the info, Matrixleaf!:P
  11. Oh my. :love: pursemama, that is a lovely bag. I really don't need something new to fall in love with...
  12. If you have Bloomies F&F, you can use it and get 20% off. I just ordered the black one a couple days ago from Bloomies in NYC. They are so helpful and I am pretty sure they have a bunch in stock.
  13. Kat, that Ferragamo (style and colour) is absolutely gorgeous!
  14. That green bag is so cute!
  15. That is a STUNNING bag. just delicious. I have a df who just swears by Ferragamo. I even like it in that green. What a beautiful thing.