Ferragamo bag at Costco.com

  1. Some members were interested in this Ferragamo bag right? It's available at costco.com for $759.99 plus S&H.
    Salvatore Ferragamo Kid Air Fod Spring
    Item # 141479
    Plus Shipping & Handling

    Enjoy the unparalleled quality and sophistication of Salvatore Ferragamo leather goods. This refined Italian import offers a sleek, tailored design that is beautifully structured and accessorized.
    Color: Black
    Foldover flap w/metal closure
    Fabric lining
    3 interior pockets
    Rounded leather handles
    Silver-tone metal hardware
    Dimensions: 16" W x 4" D x 8" H
    Made in Italy
  2. Our costco in smalltown Canada has Prada and Coach.
  3. Wait. Is this a real ferragamo? Is this bag usually in lambskin? Does anyone know if Costco sells legitimate handbags????

    They have the best return policy, 6 MONTHS!!

    They have always been easy when we had to return things, even without receipts!

    I do NOT think they would sell fakes. They are too big to have to do so! They are international now and huge!! :smile:

    What a great deal! thanks Bag.lover for sharing!
  5. I've bought many bags from costco online and ALL are very authentic. No problems whatsoever and the one return I had was handled wonderfully!

    I just ordered a Prada bag from them - should be here this afternoon! :love:

    Have also ordered Ugg, D&G, Longchamp, Fendi and Burberry.
  6. I love that bag!!! $300 below retail :smile:
  7. Great find, bag.lover!
  8. Costco along with BlueFly ruins everything. I no longer wear my Paper Denims because you can get them at Costco. Now, every douche bag is going to have a pair. I hate that premium denim along with premium accessories are losing their exclusiveness.
  9. I don't buy bags for snob appeal, so it doesn't bother me in the least. If you can save money on a great bag, to me there's no down side.
  10. So you buy clothes just for the status and to feel better then others, and you won't wear them just cause others sell it for a cheaper price? Get a life, seriously. Whatever happen to buying things NOT for the name, but for the quality, and for the fact that you enjoy them? You must be one of those people that drives a cheap BMW or Mercedes just for the status, right?

    Paper Denims were overplayed way before they started selling them at Costco, anyways.

    and If you consider yourself all high and mighty for wearing Paper Denims..:roflmfao:

    Everyone will always have "premium" accessories and clothes, so unless you start designing your own clothes, your **** out of luck...
  11. i love that you said this!!! we have a ton of these people in CT!
  12. Well said!
  13. I hate choosing sides, but well said.:P
  14. Very well said, timtimtim!
  15. you're kidding! they have paper denims at costco? awesome!