Fern Green?

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  1. I just ordered a Cupid from Amazon in the fern green color with light gold hardware. It was the last one and I snagged it for $214! :yahoo: :happydance: The color looks pretty, but I'm wondering if anyone has a fern green bag to post a real life pic? Thanks!!
  2. Here's the stock photo; is this a pretty good representation of the color?

  3. I would say add a touch of gray to it and that would be more accurate, though it really does depend on the lighting. I've a fern green Hudson mini moto though it's packed up right now in favor of the RM x Polyvore clutch. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. ><
  4. There are fern colored bags on ebay with actual pics to help you get a better idea of the color.
  5. Thanks! Would you say it's a good neutral green? Sorry yours didn't work out.
  6. Thanks. I'll have a look!
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    Oh no, I adore the bag. I just rotate my bags so often so I always stuff em and dust bag em when I switch to another.I would definitely but Fern Green in the warmer color range than cooler. Here's a color accurate picture of the mini hudson from Bluefly which is how mine looks exactly.

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  8. Oh, my! I love it! (And sorry for the misunderstanding. I thought you had it packed up to return for exchange. :blush:) The color is gorgeous.
  9. I posted some pics in the December purchases thread but I'll add them below. I have the fern Cupid and it's a great neutral colour. I agree, it's a muted green with slight greyish undertones. I also have the Elephant colour in the regular size and a plum Mini Cupid. As it's been Summer/Spring here I have used the green bag the most. I'll save the grey one for winter.

    You're lucky - that particular Cupid has the extra pocket on the bag which the new Cupid bags lack.

    For reference the colour of my Cupid looks more like the stock pic of the Hudson Moto Mini, rather that the stock pic of the Cupid at the beginning of the post.

    Enjoy your new bag :smile:

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  10. Thank you SO MUCH for posting these! I think I'm going to love this bag; I don't have anything near this color. It almost looks gray in some pics, but definitely green in others. I was psyched to find the bag for such a great sale price. :yahoo: This will be my first Cupid and I so excited to get it!
  11. Oh...and AussieAngelCake -- maybe you could post your photos in the color reference thread? They might be helpful to someone else and they are great photos!
  12. Ooopsie, I didn't realise it wasn't referenced in there. I have just added the photos now.