Fergies Hair

  1. Just seen a pic of her today and her hair always looks so healty. I want her hair. Are they extensions in her hair ??

  2. Gorgeous! I imagine that there are some extensions.
  3. Its fab anytime you see a pic of her , her hair is perfect.
  4. She has beautiful hair. I would also think that she has some extensions, but I could be wrong.
  5. I love her hair also, but to me it doesn't look all that healthy. I think she has natural waves, which are blown out. I see some wear and tear in her hair often times.
  6. Really.. I havent now myself. Here is another pic ... This is the hair I want lol.. [​IMG]
  7. That is what my hair looks like, and I can tell you getting it like that everyday wears the hair down. I can always tell those who straighten their hair. She is a beauty though.
  8. How do you get it so shiny ? Mine is naturally dark but I get highlights in.. My hair was damaged a year ago with the hairdresser I went to ... She burnt my hair and loads came out in my hands .. it was so scary. :sad: Still from this day on trying to get it back healty
  9. Fergie's hair's nice from the eyes down, but her roots look unhealthy.
  10. I have naturally wavy hair, but have been wearing it straight for more then 15 years now. I have my hair styled very long with long layers. I use an ionic hairdryer with a big big barrel brush, then smooth the top layer with a ceramic iron. I use all professional products ONLY! I love Redkin Smooth Down, and Silk Therapy serum. I also cut the ends every 6 weeks, without ever missing.

  11. Redken Products are fab, Thanks for the info :biggrin::tup:

  12. Vitamins! Biotin is very good for your hair. So is gelitin. I'm Italian and once a month I put extra virgin olive oil in my hair for shine. It keeps my hair shiny and smooth, but make sure you rince it out well. I do have naturally oily straight hair, but I occasionally highlight it and it does get damaged. But the olive oil really helps. My mom and grandmother have been using it for years. Just run it through your wet hair and put it up in a towel for a couple of hours.

    Sometimes the best remedies are in your kitchen. Good luck!
  13. I want her eyebrows :tup:
  14. Yep, almost everyone in Hollywood has the extensions.
  15. yes. she wears hair extensions.