FERGIE for lesportsac???

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  1. did anyone else hear that fergie from bep is going to do a season for lesportsac?? someone @ work told me today any body have more info??
    im curious but kinda doubt she can do what gwen & tokidoki did for lesportsac
  2. Ugh I hope that is just a rumor!
  3. hmm idk. I actually like her songs....but she's too much of a lazy performer for me. She just stands in one place and moves around while singing. I like Gwen, she gets really hyped and move all around and dances..she's a real performer lolz. I :heart: Gwen more...but Fergie's cd was good..but we'll see if she makes bags...how nice the designs will be...idk....
  4. Did Fergie do her own tour already...? She was awesome at the BEP concert! I haven't been to many concerts in my life (because I'm so picky with music) but I loooved that concert!!

    I wonder what type of bags she'd design... Maybe will.i.am should design the bags since he has his own line anyway! Haha.
  5. hmm...i regret not knowing/buying the gwen+lesportsac bags...so maybe i'll buy a fergie+Lesportsac if it looks anywhere as good as the gwen ones do...maybe.
  6. Fergie will be designing a line of bags for Kipling. Kipling issued a press release not too long ago. I am hoping the bags will be cute. I love the durability of Kipling bags, and the gorilla is the best. I love my Toki bags, but I tend to baby them compared to my Kipling bags. The price range for Kipling is more affordable.
  7. I regret not knowing about it and buying some too. I :heart: those gwen lesportsac bags.

    Thanks for the info Toadflower. I've never had a kipling bag. I hope they're cute!!
  8. Fergie? I think Gwen Stefani has better style.. but at least Fergie has good taste in guys (Josh Duhamel :graucho:) so there's hope the line will have cute stuff!!
  9. i came into gwens stuff kinda late i really wanted the 1st edition tattoo tote so i got it off eBay i really liked it but found i didnt have to have it they only pieces i still have is the cold hard cash wallet which was the long wallet i need a big 1 i have alot of stuff & the large magic makeup bag which is super rare i use it for work i keep $$ my ipod pens whatever i need for work its a great little bag i wish tokidoki made a large wallet & a bigger version of the caramella bag i tried it way too small