Fergie Ferg and Josh Duhamel

  1. Anyone remember her from when she was in Wild Orchid? Anyway, I never paid much attention but seeing this photo was interesting... Major nose change~
  2. Wow....hardly looks like the same person!! :blink:
  3. i do like ehr in a weird way
    but she is definately too porn looking even for any hardcore film out there :blink:
  4. Pretty girl...she just has some FUNKY WEIRD eyebrows!!
  5. She looks different to me. Not sure which is better, her eyebrows r a lil weird now than before. Overall I guess she looks better now...
  6. somethings she should have left alone, but not everything. I think her nose is better now, but her eyebrows start too low IMO.
  7. I think she's pretty :heart:
  8. Wow, what a difference plastic surgery can make, she looks totally different!!!!
  9. Looks like she's had a nose job, botox, collagen in her lips and for sure she's had a brow lift!!:yes:
  10. For certain, nose pulled up as well as eyebrows. Collegen on lips as well.

    Thhe nose job was a good move. She looked alright before, but better nose after. The eyebrows now are two much though. She looks suprised.
  11. i think she's pretty with a hot body.
  12. LOL! Do any of you remember when she was in Kids Incorporated back in the 80s?!? LOL. I used to watch that show. hahaha...
  13. wow she looks suprised =D.. wow the wonders what plastic surgery does!
  14. She definitely looks somewhat different.

    Anyway, I'm curious. This is somewhat off topic, but I heard that Fergie has some sort of problem controlling her bladder. Has anyone heard anything about this?
  15. LOL!
    The DJ's on the local station here are always making fun of her for peeing her pants onstage!
    The female DJ is trying to defend her by saying it's just sweat! LOL!

    I'd be MORTIFIED!