Fergie and Mono'flage

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  1. Hey y'all!
    Have you seen this yet?

    Attached Files:

  2. love it!!:supacool:
  3. people.com baby

    it's what keeps me busy at work, other than TPF of course
  4. Finally an LV that suits her well.
  5. Looks good on her.
  6. Looks HOT!
  7. Look really nice on her!!
  8. Fergie's got good taste.
  9. it suits her
  10. I saw this picture before. Looks really good on her. I didn't care for this bag until I saw this picture.
  11. I like her. She has the same car.
  12. looks good with her outfit =)
  13. look just inside the car, looks like a burberry coat/trench... I am actually thinking about getting this bag now, because I think it looks great on her. I hadn't seen it "worn" before.
  14. It looks good on her..