Fergalicious & Her legs and her Handbags !

  1. Fergalicious showed off her new line of Kipling bags at a little photoshoot this week. [​IMG]
  2. I love her music, and she has an amazing bod, but her face is kind of yuck. Maybe it is because she is always SO done up. I don't like these bags. She should model for Balenciaga, because that is what you always see her carrying.
  3. Not my favorite pics and the bags are kind of meh also.
    Thanks for the pics!
  4. I agree, I don't care for the bags either, and I always do see her with Balenciaga. I always feel that stars need to wear or carry what they are designing, we'll she what she carries in the future.

  5. I like this one...I like the plaid, I like the color combo and I like the shape of the bag...hmmm...we shall see how much I actually like it in my hands though! ;)
  6. I'm not to crazy about her look, Like her music though.How old is she?
  7. Great body, but the bags are not so great.
  8. i like her music.....and espanv...you took the words out of my mouth....
  9. She's just a gross as those handbags.
  10. Fergie has a nice bod and all but for some reason her face usually looks so worn out or older then she actually is I think. Maybe it's because of her past drug use? Maybe it took it's toll on her! The bags I'm not crazy about either, I think I read that some of them will be selling for up to 200 or 300 dollars? That's a bit pricey!
  11. God those bags are ugly, just like her manly looking face!
  12. Eh... not impressed.
  13. I used to think she was talented until she came out with "My Humps" ....then I lost all respect for her as an artist.

    The bags aren't bad though....