1. They do Hula xxx
  2. ^^ any black medium hobos do you know???
  3. In my local Fenwicks they do!

    Hula that cannot be your Stanley all grown up! It seems only yesterday you just bought him x
  4. ^^^ Eeeek, must stay away from Leicester otherwise I dont think i will be able to resist a trip to Fenwicks!

    Yep its Stanley, he is almost 8 months now - once they start having the proper schnuauzer cut they look completely different to how they are as babies!
  5. I love the little beardy thing so cute x
  6. I cannot start new threads of my own yet as i am a newbie. I bought my first East West Bay 10 days ago at John Lewis i opened a store card and got 6 months interest free credit so i can save £100 a month it's just perfect. x
  7. Oh what!????? I've only just read this and you'll never believe it but I've been Into fenwicks today & bought my first ever mulberry but......... Ive ended up buying two today!!! I wish I'd have known, it would have softened the blow.
  8. Welcome grumbleflick- keep posting so you can start your own thread and show us your lovely purchases- two mulberries in on day as your first has to be a record- congrats!!
  9. Popped into Fenwicks at Brent Cross this weekend to find they have some Mulberry items reduced by 30%.

    All the Mitzy range (tote/messenger/ew/hobo) in oak and black were in the offer along with the leopard scotchgrain tote and holdall and some regular scotchgrain holdalls. Lots of oak/choc/black classic purses/wallets (including the Alexa one) were also 30% off. Quite a surprise to find the classic colours in a sale!


  10. littlestar - did you make a purchase??!! :smile:
  11. ^^^ I may have! Reveal later this week.
  12. This morning, I'd posted that Fenwicks in Windsor had oak cookie sbs on promotion at 25% off. I popped in there at lunchtime, just to have a nose and mentioned to the SAs that I'd called first thing in the morning. They both said that they'd had calls all morning after that and had wondered what was going on. They thought that maybe a famous celebrity was seen carrying it or something. They'd sold the two oak sbs's in the morning.

    At 1.30pm today, They still had the following with 25% off:

    Ochre cookie sbs
    Oak cookie bays
    Daria hobo white marshmallow
    OS foggy grey Alexa
    Yellow holiday bays
    Yellow holiday sbs
    Nightshade holiday sbs
    Evelina satchel fudge (though this will be 40% off in the mulberry sale, so not such a great deal)

    I hope this helps someone!

    If anyone sees any black cookie lilys in the sale, please pm me and let me know! Thank you! X
  13. Black lily on eBay...
  14. Great info Cupcake! I think Kate Middleton was seen recently carrying the Cookie SBS in the beige colour which is why it's suddenly sold out. I've sen some on Fleabay for £1500+! The Kate effect is astonishing. I bought a perfectly nice dress from Whistles last Saturday for £120 (reduced from £150) and Kate wore the same dress to the Jubilee concert. They are now going for as much as £300-400 on eBay. Madness. In fact I might sell mine on to make some pennies for my handbag fund...
  15. Yes! Go for it!