Fenic Fox must see!!!

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  1. Ok I love foxes and when I found this clip my heart melted! These are the cutest things ever!!!!!

    YouTube - Daily life of Fennec fox
  2. Anyone think these guys are as cute as I do?
  3. Aww...so cute! What an adorable little creature!
  4. I watched several of the videos of Flash. How cute! It warms my heart that he has a good place to live now; he looks very happy and the dogs have a playmate.

    Our former neighborhood had a fox family (red fox) and while they were shy, I always loved getting a glimpse of them. when we left that area I got a few fox figurines and little fur foxes to remember them (sappy, huh?).
  5. Boxermom I could have never moved away if my neighbor had a fox hehe. I love those little creatures. At least you have little keepsakes to remind you of them.
  6. Hermes I have watched that video at least 5 times I love it! Isn't it hilarious!
  7. I love foxes, too! Sooo cute! :yes::heart:
  8. I think they are adorable!!
  9. I played it in the office and everyone was roaring with laughter. I didn't realize critters could be so ticklish.
  10. cute with those huge ears and bushy tail