FengJunk.com will not refund my return!

  1. Ladies: Anyone else had problems with FengJunk.com not refunding anything that has been returned? I ordered a bag, returned it 14 Feb..they emailed me stating I would be credited in 3-5 business days. Nothing yet. I can see it's going to be a fight, but am amassing all my correspondence/delivery proof. I WILL get my money, but I am so sick and tired of businesses that will not do the right thing for customers. And don't even get me going on Bloomingdales. THEY have had my return for 32 days and keep telling me "it's not returned to stock yet". That is why I always pay with credit card.. so I can have my card company go after them, but ARGH, what a hassle. I will NEVER buy from either site again. Anyone else had this problem??? Consider my problems a warning if you are considering ordering from Feng Junk...and even Bloomingdales..
  2. Sorry that happened. :cursing:I haven't had any bad experiences so far, but I hope it gets resolved soon.
  3. I hate it when they take their sweet time returning my money after they have the item back in their grubby hands. Stick to your guns and don't give up. I'll bet they count on people just giving up.
  4. The one time I returned something to fengjunk, it was refunded promptly. Do you know when the returned item arrived? Have you corresponded with them regarding the return? Sometimes it takes some time for it to show up on the statement too. Anyway, I'm sorry it's taking so long and hope it gets resolved soon! Good luck!
  5. I will NEVER buy from Bloomingdales.com again. Returned a bag Jan 14th to a Bloomie's store, where they had to in turn send it to their warehouse. I still don't have a credit on my card. My CC company is working on it...:cursing:
  6. I've made several purchases from Feng Junk and had some exchange/return too. No problem at all. Maybe you should wait a little more time to see the refund posted to your CC. Even if they refund you immediately, it usually takes 2-3 business days for it to be processed by the credit card company.
  7. I got email from them 14 Feb stating they had it and would refund me in 3-5 business days..needless to say I don't have my money yet. I've sent them several messages and of course they are ignoring me.
    Just stacking them up as proof since I will have my card company help me.
  8. I've returned to FengJunk with no problem..
  9. I too had problems with Bloomingdales. They have 30 days to post the credit, and it took exactly that long. Same stories that you had. Blah blah, never order from them again. I ordered once from Feng Junk, but I didn't return. They seemed fine in all other ways.