Feng Shui anyone?

  1. is anyone here really into feng shui?? i've always found it somewhat interesting but i've never read up on it or anything, never really felt the need to 'balance' anything in my life. but i've had this job for almost a year and a half. I have my own office and i really feel like it's totally out of balance... and i'm not sure how i can correct it...

    i tried to some googling of office space feng shui and i came up with a few helpful tips and i've learned that my office is in a great location (i think). it's on the south side of the building.

    here's a little diagram in hopes that someone can give me an idea of how i might be able to 'balance' out my office a better and give it a better vibe. i forgot to draw a box around it... but basically all objects are around the edge of the room. Thank you to anyone that has any knowledge about this stuff!! oh and the diagram drawn so that North is the top of it.

  2. I have been reading some books on it and find it very interesting. It does talk about getting all the clutter out of your home. I am also interested to see how they pull it all together so the pictures in the decorating books help me try to visualize what I want to do.
    I am sure someone here is a expert and can help you.
  3. Just quickly looking at your picture map I have read it that you sit facing the wall with your back exposed to open space and a window behind you- this isn't good as you won't feel secure in this position.

    Try to re-arrange so that you are sitting with your back to a solid wall (not a window) and facing towards the door, perhaps just turn your desk where you are, or move it to the top corner where the bookshelf and filing cabinet are. That would be better feng shui.

    Also depending on the Chinese year in which you were born would suggest which direction it is best for you to sit facing.

    I got into Feng shui about 10 years ago and would definitely recommend reading into it, it is a fascinating and useful subject (or school of thought/ belief system, however you want to describe it). The best thing to do would be to buy a basic feng shui book, I recommend Lillian Too, she writes pretty clearly on what can be confusing.
  4. thank you very much!! i think i might try both of those suggestions sometime this week (shouldnt' be very busy here at work) so hopefully i'll find a better arrangment :smile: oh and i was born in 1982.

    and hopefully my access to outlets and my internet connection don't screw it up for me.
  5. I'm bumping this thread, because I, too, was wondering if anyone is into Feng Shui!

    DH and I are getting some things for our house - luckily we have a World of Feng Shui store in town. I think there are only a couple in the US. Anyway, I've been reading some of Lillian Too's books, and love them. But they are quite confusing and overwhelming for anyone who is just getting started and wants to read the basics.

    For a first book on Feng Shui, I recommend Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life. It's very easy reading, and doesn't ask you to use a compass, and lots of oddly named objects and figurines, like Lillian Too's books do. It's very basic - colors, concepts, etc., and is very good about explaining the layout of your home or office.

    I'm going to try the Flying Stars stuff. When I was in WOFS yesterday, they had a kit that is basically preventative against the bad stuff, and then after you've done the prevention stuff, you can add the attraction stuff (money trees, etc).

    Anyway, there's lots of good info on WOFS.com. Auspicious dates calendars, articles about attracting love and money, things like that.

    I'd love to hear more stuff that tPF Feng Shui-ers are doing!

    ETA: Be sure to look up your Chinese sign - menus in Chinese restaurants only go by the year. If your birthday is at the beginning of the year (January, February), you may think you're one sign when you're actually another!
  6. We have waterfalls, fountains of water cascading down a rippled wall onto a pile of river stones, in each back corner of our living room. A visitor who was over told us we had really nice feng shui. If we do it's entirely by accident.
  7. If you need a Feng Shui Master for your house or office, let me know. One of my friends has an excellent one she uses every year. She swears by her.

    I try to do the elementary basics, no fountain in front, etc. But I don't want vessels of standing water around my home.
  8. Thanks! I told DH yesterday that if we can prevent the bad stuff and attract the good stuff, it's worth the money & weird conversation pieces around the house!
  9. I just did a search to get some feedback from you guys on Feng Shui.
    I'd really like to know if anyone really noticed a difference?
  10. My auntie is really into this but I have never been a fan really
  11. ^^ k4THY Do you notice anything when you go to her house?