Feng Junk Sale

  1. Use the code 'Grechen' and save 20% off everything in stock plus free shipping, both domestic and international! (Expires on 11/31/06) Why wait for Fall to end to get your favorite fashion accessories on sale? Visit Feng Junk Accessories now!
  2. They have the best customer service too!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yippeee ! I just bought a Hayden-Harnett Havana Luxe Hobo for $318 !!!!!!! It was marked down to $397.50 & with the grechen code, it came to $318 with FREE SHIPPING !!!!!! Thank you feng junk, thank you grechen's closet & thank you tPF !!!!!!! I LOVE this site !!!!!
  4. Feng Junk's prices are pretty darned good, too. Over the weekend I purchased the Hayden-Harnett Lorca. On most sites, the bag is $300, give or take. On Feng Junk, the purse was $200. With the discount (I only found 15% -- oh well), the purse was $170. Free shipping, too. Very nice site!, and my purse has already shipped!:wlae:
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