Feng Junk sale + coupon on Hayden Harnett

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  1. Hayden Harnett Ana Frame bag in black and chocolate on sale for $200 each; Nico Hobo on sale for $395. Plus use code GRECHEN for additional 20% off on anything on the site. There are lots of other bags on sale too but thought I'd post for your HH lovers. Code is good through 31 Nov

    Good luck!
  2. i just bought the ana frame in chocolate for my mom for xmas, but two days ago!!! paid 260.00 on luna boston; good price, but now i'm bummed knowing the feng junk sale!!!!!! wahhhhhh....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    anyone know if they would honor this price on luna boston? kind of a silly question, huh....
  3. Can you return to LunaBoston? I don't know if they would match it, what does their site say on return/matching policy? The bag on FengJunk would be around $160 after the code, so it's worth asking....
  4. tthanks! i just wrote luna boston an email and told them i would be up front and say i am going to have to return the bag and repurchase with feng junk as it's a xmas present for my mom and i can buy more stuff for her with an extra 100!!! i asked them if they would match the price...we'll see...i'll let you know..thanks for posting about the feng junk sale....:yes:
  5. I'm new here and have enjoyed this part of the forum most of all! I just ordered a HH Lorca Flap Demi bag in luggage! With the coupon it was under $200 and free shipping! Fabulous! I just wanted to say thanks so much for the coupon! I can hardly wait to see my new bag! :love:
  6. Just wanted to add that I just bought a HH from Feng Junk. Got it Saturday. The service was terrific, and I got the bag in 5 days. As for the bag, this is the first handbag I have ever bought sight unseen. I simply trusted my fellow PFers, and you guys were DEFINITELY right -- Hayden-Harnett utterly ROCKS. :wlae: The bag is the softest leather I have ever felt. Go for it, girls!
  7. Before I place the order for my first HH bag, one last question: it is well recognized that the leather of the HH bags is very soft, but is it durable? I remember seeing some Betsey Johnson bags, soft leather, but thin as paper that I even wouldn't want to try to use my leather care on it.... Is the HH leather of good quality? Thanks!