Fendy spy in different sizes? need help!!

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  1. hi ,

    I`m a little bit confused. Does it exist different sizes for fendy spy? Pls help !!!! :weird:
  2. sorry I`m such an idiot. I mean FENDI spy
  3. It comes in the small boston spy, regular spy (the one you see on everyone), and the spy hobo. Someone pls add to that if I forgot one. I'm thinking that there was a larger spy than the regular but I could be wrong, or have dreamed that or something. Still on meds :lol:
  4. do you have pictures? the thing is in switzerland we do not have a Fendi store, but there is a small store who has a really small quantity. I went today there and I reserved one in whiskey color but the bag seemed very huge to me...
  5. Noriko, you are so sweet! Still on med but yet you are helping to answer's sussana questions.
    I think you covered everything. Although I thought the same about the larger size of the regular spy that Jlo was carrying was larger than the regular spy but maybe that's just especially made for her.:amuse:
  6. The Spy bag 03.JPG

    Here is my regular spy bag.
  7. hehe yeah, have to help fellow bag addicts out when I can :biggrin: My SA was telling me about a HUGE spy that was mostly for travel or something. I have to follow up on that lol, its bothering me now. I need to know if that was a dream!
  8. Hii .. i willl try to help u with the sizes :amuse:

    1st is the regular spy .. it was called when it was 1st released the meduim cuz there was also larger version but i guess its discontinued

    2nd is the hobo spy

    3rd is the spy satchel ..

    hope i did help u =)
  9. Hi,

    Thanks chloe. The fendi spy that I have seen is bigger than the bag at the first picture. Could this bag be the hobo spy that JLo wore once in a picture?
  10. totally like the size of the regular fendi :smile:
  11. susanna .. is it the python spy ur reffering to ? i remember j-lo carrying large python spy ... if so .. that's the large perhaps.. it doesnt seem 2 me meduim...
  12. Hi chloe,

    no, it was a Fendi cognac spy. I`m gonna buy the bag anyway (otherwise I can wait till november to get one because there is a waiting list of 200 people) but I thought I should ask you before to be sure which size is the normal one.
  13. susanna plzzzzzzzzzzz post pic when u get ur bbay =)