Fendi's repair policy

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  1. I have recently come to learn more about Fendi's repair policy and figured I would share with everyone.

    If you purchased a bag from a Fendi boutique or leased store ( saks 5th ave has one, bloomies has one), and you still have the original receipt, Fendi will repair the item at NO COST to you IF it is within a year of purchase.

    If you purchased a bag from a Fendi boutique or leased store ( saks 5th ave has one, bloomies has one), and DON'T have the original reciept, Fendi can TRY to find the reciept for you. If they can't find the receipt, they will repair it at YOUR COST! (as long as the style was in a Fendi store at some point or if the SA knows you bought it from them.)

    If you purchased a bag NOT from a Fendi boutique or leased store, they will NOT repair the bag. Example: Purchasing a bag from Neiman Marcus, it must be taken to Neiman Marcus to be repaired.

    And if the bag is fake (whether you know or not) they will not repair it at all.

    They also have a cleaning service, if you would like to get any of your items cleaned professionally.

    I hope this helps everyone!!!!!
  2. Thanks, fendilover. You are a great resource for this board.
  3. Once again Fendilover, thanks for your useful information. :flowers:

    Does the cleaning service fall under the same repair guidelines, or is that open to all Fendi bags regardless of where it was purchased?

  4. That is a really good question that I do not know the answer to. So I will try to find that out tomorrow when I get into work.
  5. Thank you!
  6. Hi Fendilover,

    Thanks for the info. I have a gold python baguette from quite a few years ago (it was bought in the Fendi shop but I'm not sure if I could find the receipt :confused1: ) Just the strap is a little worn - is this something Fendi could replace? (I know it'd be at my cost 'cause it's not a fault just wear) Many thanks :smile:
  7. Thank you, this info is really helpful:drinks:
  8. Are Saks and Bloomies the only leased stores?
  9. Thats good information to know. I know when I was in my Fendi store recently my SA said if ever I get any problems with my spys just take them in and they would fix them.
  10. Yes I believe so but I will try to find out when my manager gets back to work.
  11. Thank you. That info has helped me as my handle needs repairing! xx
  12. Thanks for the info!
  13. This is disturbing to me, only because you'd think they'd stand behind their product!!! I understand about fakes, but I don't get the non-leased store. The product is theirs or it is not. Who comes up with these policies???

    P.S. Thanks for letting us now. Definitely don't want to shoot the messenger here. :heart:
  14. I think this after sales policies are rubbish! They have all of these serial #, hologram stickers, RFID and butch of stuffs they still can't help a customer of its AFTER SALE NEEDS just because it wasn't bought in their stores or the receipt is not available. I don't know this information infuriates me, this just telling me that FENDI doesn't care of their customers.
  15. I am not impressed - I buy from Far Fetched & Matches Fashion as there is no Fendi store where I live and these are my only option. If they won't honour repairs, I don't think I will be brave enough to buy a Fendi handbag then - I will just stick to my monsters I have and small items. I am so sick of these Luxury stores not standing behind their products as they should and having stupid policies. I am nearly at the end of my bag buying days because of the games and constant changes.
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