Fendi's Past and Present...

  1. Ladies and possibly Gentlemen....Good morning and I need your help.

    I have recently become one of the Fendi obsessed... and you know - it feels GOOOOOOD!

    I do have one problem that I'm hoping someone out there will be able to help solve. My husband and I will be revamping our homeowners insurance and I have very little information on my Fendi handbags. Is there a site that lists Fendi's throughout the years, with possible pricing information? I have so far only purchased 3 bags from eBay - only two of which were actually authentic. I have no idea what year they might be or what the original pricing may have been. :wlae: All I knew was that I loved them - had to have them !!! :love:

    I have spent a little time on this site looking for some info and you ladies know your stuff. Please Help you new little sister....:shame:

    Thank you guys in advance!!!!
  2. Hi and welcome :flowers:

    I suggest you post pictures of your bags here. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people here, so someone might know something about your bags if you describe them and/or post pictures.
  3. Well, my file uploads have all failed so I'll do my best to give a verbal description.

    First bag
    Dimensions: H 5 x D 1.5 x W 9.5 all approximate and retangle in shape.
    Material: Black pony handle and double FF flap. Silver FF front magnetic closure and strap buckles. Body is a very "cashmere soft" varying weave with vertical lines of black sewn on bugle beads. Inside is Georgeous green silk. Inside zipper pocket is also green silk.

    Second bag
    I think is a small version of the hobo style bag.

    Brown leather braided handle attached by dark buckles.

    Body is a sweater type material with a variety of colors. Black/burnt orange/hunter green/a lighter earthy "baby grass" green/navy blue/

    Interior is a dark brown embroidered fendi lining. The fendi embroidering is barely visible it's so dark. Inside pocket has the following number inside; 3514 8BR020 019

    Shape of the bag is somewhat like a cresent moon measuring approximately 5.5 inches at it's shallowist point and 9 inches at it's deepest. Bag is approximately 12 inches wide and 2 inches deep. Does have a FF flap which wraps over the outside zipper.

    I would love any help I could get, mainly original retail price and name of the bag.