Fendi's new collection

  1. see attached pictures
    fendi8.jpg fendi9.jpg fendi0.jpg fendi5.jpg fendi6.jpg
  2. Thanx for the pix. Fendi's comin' out with some nice stuff!!!!!!!! Not that the older stuff is all that shabby... I can see some not bein' so crazy about all the zucca though.
  3. Wow. It's zucca heaven.:P
  4. Thanks for the pics! I LOVE the small accessories!
  5. A, liiiiitle bit to much ZUCCA for my taste:rolleyes: , but nice models:yes:
  6. Ok WOW! ZUCCA-RAMA! :smile:
  7. Thanks for sharing
  8. That is hot.
  9. thaaaaaaaank u so much :love: