Fendi's Hologram- GREAT for Anit-counterfeiting?

  1. My mom has a Fendi bag.

    Browsed through it. Found a tag with a hologram and a serial number under it.

    Hologram tags are really difficult to duplicate. But I'm sure counterfeiters will one day.

    But hey, since it works so well for Fendi, why not LV? Could you imagine a Hologram tag with LV logo on it? That'd look so HOT!!!
  2. ooh, do you have a picture of the hologram? i'm interested in seeing what you're referring too; sounds like a great idea for LV.
  3. The hologram is cool! Ill see if i can take a pic of mine soon :biggrin: But i agree that so far the fake holograms ive seen have been pretty shoddy - so thats a really good way to spot a fake.
  4. I think they've even copied this though...Chanel bags have something similar (semi-holographic tag inside with a number that coordinates to that on an authenticity card) and those are also copied. :push:
  5. The fendi holograms are duplicated as well, and frightingly good. fortunately, they can't seem to get the quality of the zippers right! (that is as far as I know!) I wonder sometimes if there are such good copies out there, they might be considered authentic, even by experts, and we will never now they aren't....:wondering
  6. a hologram sticker/tag will not stop counterfeiters...
  7. They'll just find someone at the factory to sell them the authentic cards and put them on the fake bag.
    When I'm buying on eBay the cards/tags/receipts mean absolutely nothing to me!!!! It's all about looking at the bag....since all that other stuff can be faked!

    And it's really odd too....when selling LVs everyone is always after the receipt...always get endless questions about whether or not you have the original receipt, like that is a surefire way to prove authenticity. Whereas other brands (like Chloe, Balenciaga, Chanel) no one gives two hoots about the receipt, etc. It's weird!
  8. Everything is faked! There's really no way around it.
  9. agreeing with Girlsgottoshop - everything is faked nowadays!
  10. I was thinking the same thing as Rebecca!
  11. It would actually annoy me if LV bags had them, because don't the hologram tags come off sometimes?
  12. No, but making it harder to counterfeit it would be a good start.