FENDI's FALL 06 Goodbye Spy hello B Bag and Buckets!

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  1. 00130m.jpg

    Fendi 2.jpg


    Fendi 6.jpg

    Fendi 4.jpg

    Here is a first look at Fendi's Fall/Winter bags. The detailed shots have not yet been posted on style or elle.com, however as one can see, B Bags have taken over, along with a new bucket bag, and where is the spy? Gone? Goodbye spy, hello leopard print B Bags and metallic buckets! More pics will be posted when they are available.
  2. Fendi 5.jpg

    Fendi 3.jpg

  3. Err. can't say I like the bucket style bags. Maybe it'll grow on me. The second pic in the 1st post is reminiscent of a weapon from medieval days - a mace??:wacko: :P
  4. i think the leopard print actually suits the b bag REALLY well - very funky and cute!
  5. i dont like the bucket style, looks to much like a .... bucket?
  6. kind of like it. looks funky.
  7. How come there r no spy's?? *cry*
  8. Me too! I really like that. I know it's only a matter of time until I fall victim to the B... I just need to see *the* bag. I'm flirting with them right now... the patent ones are so cute but I still haven't seen one that I have to have.
  9. I agree. I don't care for buckets, the main reason being they don't hang flush with the body. :Push:
  10. Uh oh.....you just opened a HUGE can of worms here on the site. :blink:

    I think the Spy bag will still be popular. Fendi already has a ton of advertising out for it...they need to bring in something new to grab attention and spur new sales. JMO.
  11. Uh Oh....... .. The studded bucket bag in pic #2 is amazing and I have a huge weakness for leopard. I think it looks amazing in the b style. Argh....................................
  12. I'm glad I got the honey Spy because I really don't like these fall bags at all.
  13. I don't like the buckets -- just not a shape I'd pick. But I still like the B bags. Pretty!
  14. I like some of the buckets and really love that leopard B Bag! :biggrin:
  15. Yeah, I agree. Kinda like that one.
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