Fendi's Embroidered Spy satchel in black

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  1. I like this bag in this color. What about you guys?
  2. I think that bag is stunning!!! Would love to have it - how much is it w/all that embroidery?
  3. That bag is wayyyy more stunning in person. I saw pics online was was like bleh, but all the detail you can see when you carry it is great!
  4. Geez that's a great looking bag! Lol we have a Fendi shop at the Galleria here in Houston and I've never been in, maybe I'll have to do some browsing :smile:

    Alas the Fendi's are probably above my price range, but dang sure was a good day on the stock market .... lol.. a few more of those and could probably trim some off the top :smile:

    That's one of the sharpest bags I've seen on this forum yet.
  5. Beautiful bag.
  6. I liked this version better than the brown version when I saw both in real person, it is just that the lining is bright turquoise nylon or something, looks a little cheap on the inside of the bag if that matters. Otherwise, it is a bag that is definately an eye - catcher!:nuts:
  7. am i the only one that is driven a little nuts by the fact that there are squirrels on the bag?
  8. I'm just not sure about the squirrels...but it is eye-catching..
  9. LOL, Amanda! It gets to me too...
  10. Yes, that's the squirrels bag!! :lol: It's so funny to me but I'll have to see it IRL...
  11. This bag is $3,318.
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