fendihunter's Non-Fendi collection

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  1. I just got my fourth Coach bag. I'm so excited I decided to start my own collection thread. I'll post pics of my other bags (Coach and others) as I get a chance to take them out of the closet without my husband noticing I have so many purses.:sweatdrop:

    Hope you guys enjoy, and please let me know if you think I have crappy taste.:sad:

    stuff 0191.jpg stuff 0201.jpg
  2. cute bags.. I love that color too for my bags and clothes.. hehe
  3. the colors are beautiful.
  4. Thank you for the comments. I love the color too.:yes:

    Thought I'd post a pic of the bag I'm currently carrying.

    Nothing out of this world. Banana Republic hobo. I just love the leather and it fits EVERYTHING!


    stuff 2031.jpg stuff 20331.jpg
  5. love it, the color is so pretty! :biggrin:
  6. Ok. I snuck away from my husband and pulled out two Coach bags. At this pace, I'll have my whole collection posted by next Christmas. He cannot know I own these many bags or he'll flip his lid.:cursing: I love him to death, though.:heart:

    First one is a Coach leather clip hobo. The second one is a Coach Soho Twill Hobo with vachetta leather (light blue twill/navy & green leather trim).


    stuff 203321.jpg stuff 203331.jpg
  7. I was finally able to get away from my husband long enough to take pics of the rest of my bags (whew, I was actually sweating).:sweatdrop:

    Here are pics of my last Coach - signature tote.

    Also a black Bon Ami I've had FOREVER - at least 13 years. Great leather.

    And a Michael Kors nylon/leather backpack (although I can't stand the creep).:sad:

    stuff 2033331q.jpg stuff 203335q.jpg stuff 203342q.jpg
  8. Some more bags.

    Two Liz Claiborne's (stop giving me those looks - they are good bags).:rolleyes:

    And a black Kenneth Cole satchel. Great leather.

    LEATHER!!! Can we see a pattern forming here.:yes:

    stuff 203336q.jpg

    stuff 203340q.jpg stuff 203341qq.jpg

    stuff 203337q.jpg
  9. And finally, my D&B collection. Don't know the style names. Most of these were purchased years ago when I was very young and could give a fig about style names, creeds serial #s and all that other mumbo jumbo.

    I know MANY of you ladies are not fans of the line, but I am. Simple, elegant bags made with SUPER RESISTANT EVEN TO A NUCLEAR EXPLOSION leather!!!

    Love my leather!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:

    (That last black bag has been to more funerals, baptisms and masses than I care to remember. She's my tough old lady:P .)


    stuff 203344q.jpg stuff 203345q.jpg

    stuff 203346q.jpg stuff 203348q.jpg

    stuff 203347q.jpg
  10. veeeeeeery nice :heart: good thing that u collect non brand bags as well ..

    may i ask who;s the stunning lady in ur avatar?
  11. Thank you. I collect any bag I like - especially if it's made of good leather.

    To answer your question, that is Molly Ringwald as "Claire" in The Breakfast Club. She was the epitomy of style to me when I was 14 yrs old. Still love her.:smile:
  12. Lovly.
  13. Well now I'm seriously considering a purse ban since my purchases have skyrocketed over the last 2 weeks (this board is very dangerous.);) I have a LV mono speedy 30, LV blck Epi wallet, Fendi baulotto spy and Chanel quilted bowling tote on the way.:nuts:

    I just received this Longchamp Le Pliage today - straight from Paris (no ebay!).

    Hope you all like.:yahoo:

    stuff 0021.jpg stuff 0041.jpg
  14. Great collection fendihunter. I love your new Longchamp! Can't wait to see pics of the other new additions.
  15. ^^^Thank you so much. :smile:

    I love it too. It fits everything. Very durable material. Perfect for grocery shopping and my son's activities.

    I was surprised I could order one completely custom made on their website - and for about the same price they're asking on ebay. I picked the colors, the style hardware, and whether or not I wanted long or short handles. It actually only took a week too make and get it from Paris.

    I can see I'll probably be visiting that website more often.