Fendigal's Collection

  1. I guess my favorite is my Spy bag, because I can put everything I need in there. However, I love the baguetttes for evenings out.
  2. Love, love, love all your baguettes!
  3. love, love the baguettes!!!
    always have...
    still do...
  4. Awesome collection!
  5. not sure what it's called, but the bag that caught my eye is on the 3rd pic in pink and it looks like it might be suede. (it's on the floor to the right).

    anyway nice collection, cause i know everyone is like HUH??? :huh:
  6. Yummy:nuts: Love all your Fendi:love:
  7. great collection!

    thanks so much for sharing!
  8. Uwish,
    I don't know what it is called either. I have seen only a few of these bags. You are right it is suede and light pink. It has some thin gold piping on the side and the inside is red. This is the only one I have ever seen that is suede. The other two were beige and I didn't like the color. I can just tell you it was from Bloomingdales.
    That bag is well made, but the material scares me. I can just picture myself spilling my drink on it one night at dinner.
    The only other one I have seen is the one SJP had on the very final SATC episode. Hers was metallic pink. I have never seen another one like it.
  9. wow! great Fendi collection!
  10. I love your extensive collection of baugettes! :nuts: have you been collecting for a while now?
  11. Wow, your pink baguette is really something! I love it!
  12. *speechLess* one true fendi follower...=)..i love the spy..is it new collection?
  13. I started collecting Fendi's maybe 2 years ago. I think the spy is from a couple of seasons ago. I have to admit, I buy a lot off eBay as well. Especially the baguettes, I usually am looking for specific baguettes. The fake bag makers don't make as many baguettes, they are really into zucca and the spy bag.
    It all started when I watched SJParker on SATC, I fell in love with her purses. Although I don't like Pat Field's(the SATC costume designer) stuff that much, she knows how to pick baguettes.
  14. Love it!
  15. Fendi is my favorite....love all of yours!! I am curious too...which is your most treasured??