Fendigal's Collection

  1. I'm no computer expert, so this may be an experiment!
    I blame this collection on too much exposure to Carrie Bradshaw and my Italian heritage. At least it is nice to blame something! Oh, well, I love them anyway.



    A little Bulgari and an italian magazine clutch thrown in for good measure!
  2. Wow, that's a lot of Fendi ! Have you ever seen the episode of SATC where Carrie and Samantha go to buy fake Fendi and she smells them ? I've always wondered, do Fendi have a distinct smell ? :shame:

    I really love the pink sequined bag, and your sequined spy !
  3. ooohh...so beautiful...lucky girl...I'm green with envy :smile: ! Thanks for sharing.
  4. :love:OHH I Love your FENDI's I have the compliation Fendi too.. its to small though :sad: I think my fave is your white beaded w/ red flowers.. sparkly:love:
  5. Oh, WOW!!! Nice bags!!!
  6. I don't know of any smell, except I remember that was a gold bag, so I would assume she is smelling for the leather (vs vinyl?).
    I don't know of any other smell.
  7. These pictures are ridiculously huge! Sorry, I am not a computer expert by any means.
  8. Ah ! Okay, I didn't even notice ! :shame:
  9. Wow! I am speechless. I adore your fendi's! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Cute collection :biggrin:
  11. Very Nice.
  12. What a gorgeous collection of Fendi! Which one is your absolute favorite? V
  13. Beautiful collection.. :love:
  14. I have never been a fan of Fendi, but your photos have changed my mind! I love your Spy and the sequined fuchsia bag. So pretty! :love: Great collection!
  15. Great collection fendigal!