Fendi Zucca Spy--What do you think?

  1. Ok after going back and forth about the spy in the honey color I got really frustrated. I figured that I wanted something that I can grab and go with mostly everything.

    I went to the Fendi store again to look at the available colors. The sales person suggested that I try the zucca spy, saying that it was very popular and versatile.

    At first I shook my head b-cuz it was way too many logos but then I tried it on and LOVED it!!!

    BUT--I need confirmation

    What do you guys think of the zucca spy with brown leather? Likey/no likey? :huh:

    I can't find a pic sorry. The only ones that I could find was all the fake crap on eBay. They look nothing like the real thing.

    If anyone has a pic feel free to post in this thread:biggrin:
  2. I'm personally not a fan of the zucca print... I still opt for the honey if I were you!! You won't regret it
  3. [​IMG]

    I found this pic in another thread but I don't think its real. The one I saw today looked so much better. And the leather was more pebbly.

    But anyway this is basically what it looks like if someone didnt know
  4. [​IMG]

    Here's another one I found online. I dunno if its real either but it looks way better than the other pic.

    Just wanted to give you an idea on what it looked like. Thoughts? :nuts:
  5. I've just personally never been a fan of the "F" logo.
  6. i'd still go with the honey. it's such a gorgeous neutral color. it really will go with anything imho. so pretty. i don't know that i like the print/leather combo on the spy.
  7. I really like the logo!!!!!
  8. That's good to hear Jill. Do you have one? Something about it made me really like it today.

    I was picturing myself with big sunglasses, a white tee shirt and jeans and heels. This bag would be PERFECT for that kind of gear.

    I never was a fan of the fendi logo until today. Weird.
  9. I have the spy in Black leather..but I have always wanted this one too!!!
  10. i'm not a huge fan of the bag, but i will say that the fendi logo fabric holds up very well. i have a fendi zucca wallet in the exact same fabric as the bag and it looks as new as the day i bought it a year ago.
  11. Hmm Amanda. If I end up getting the Zucca Spy you want to sell me your wallet? :lol: :lol:
  12. lol nooooo i love my wallet it's the most perfect wallet ever and it took me like 5 years to find a wallet i love.
  13. Prefer all leather, but the zucca is okay when contained to the middle. I actually like the Zucca, though, but not the zucchino. ech!
  14. It's kind of cute in baulotto form, since there's no divide with the flap.
  15. When I would buy Fendi Soy, I would buy this ONE...
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