Fendi zucca spy..real or fake?

  1. Hi all, quick question regarding the fendi zucca spy bag. Is the zucca material a soft canvas? I've never owned a fendi before, and i was curious to find out if this bag I saw was real or not? It was a fendi zucca spy and the zucca material was not soft like I would imagine a canvas material to be. The material felt comparable to a LV monogram canvas material. Maybe a little rougher. Just wondering what the zucca material on the spy bag is suppose to feel like. I wish I had pics to post of the bag, but I just have my memory of what it felt like. Thanks!
  2. I don't know if the zucca material on the outside of a bag, is the same as the Fendi lining of the bags, but when I was in the Fendi boutique the other day, I was looking at a Spy in person for the first time. I was surprised at how rough the lining did feel. It was kind of...starchy? Maybe that isn't the right word....Stiff! That's the word.

    Let's see what the more experienced people have to say though. :smile: You may want to post things like this in the Authentication thread in future. You're not asking about an eBay auction, and I know you don't have any pics, but this would still fit in there I would think. :smile: Hope you get the answers you're looking for.
  3. Absolutely fake! It is not rough, it feels like more of a cloth material-- not like the LV.
  4. I have a Zucca Spy. The fabric exterior is not the same as the inside of other (such as Nappa) spy bags and it is thicker and more sturdy, also the coloring of the fabric has more of a "glow" to it. The Zucca Spy has sort of Camel lining that is thick and sturdy also. I love the bag :heart: it has great earth tones and the Tortuga handles are so cool. The bag has no trouble carrying a lot of things, not much different from the leather spys in that area, even though I usually don't carry a lot. I hope this helps.:smile:
  5. That's good to know then. I'm glad the fabric on the outside, isn't the same as the lining. It makes sense though, the lining didn't seem like it would hold up as the outside of a bag. :smile:
  6. Here is a link to an eBay listing that shows an authentic Zucca Spy - stock photos:

    eBay: NEW FENDI SPY BAG TORTUGA HANDBAG PURSE TOTE CELEBRITY (item 270096471265 end time Mar-15-07 11:09:01 PDT)

    Most fake zucca spys - their handles - either don't look correctly like the tortuga handles in these photos, or they have braided handles. The same goes for the nappa-zucca combination on a spy bag. One should still examine serial numbers and hologram tags and other characteristics to verify authenticity - best to address on the Authenticate this Fendi thread.