Fendi Zucca Spy handles?

  1. Hi all:yes:
    I have a Question to ask.. I was wondering if all the spy bags that have zucca patterns have eBay: NEW FENDI SPY BAG TORTUGA HANDBAG PURSE TOTE CELEBRITY (item 270096471265 end time Mar-15-07 11:09:01 PDT)
    this sort of handles. I saw this spy that had zucca pattern in the middle and the sides were white leather. I dont know if it was authentic or not, cause the handles were woven ( like the normal leather spys). Is the spy bag i saw an authentic bag? if yes, where could i find them?
    Thanks in advance;)
  2. This question should be submitted to the Authenticate this Fendi thread, but I can tell you the white one you describe is a fake.:sad:
  3. oops, sorry about that... i forgot to post this on the authenticate thread..:push:
    one more q's, is paris's bag fake? The one i saw was exactly like paris's spy but in normal size and instead of the leather being brown it was white. Thanks in advanced:smile:
  4. Use The Authentication Thread
  5. Paris has the baby/baulatto spy. She just smooshed it flat so that it could fit under her arm. This is what one typically looks like.

    Baby Zucca Spy.gif