~Fendi Wisteria Spy (Limited Edition)

  1. Mission Impossible Accomplished- I just received my wisteria spy.. it's gaaaaaaaaawjus!:love:

    Enjoy the pics

    Vlad at PurseBlog

    Another beautiful addition to my spy family =)

    tell me what you think :love:
    20060518-uaeyah-wisteria-full.jpg 20060518-uaeyah-wisteria-back.jpg 20060518-uaeyah-wisteria-leftside.jpg 20060518-uaeyah-wisteria-details.jpg 20060518-uaeyah-wisteria-inside.jpg 20060518-uaeyah-wisteria-front.jpg
  2. Wow, uaeyah, congrats on a beautiful, but rare and uniquely crafted Fendi spy! I can't get over the gorgeous intricate detailing on this bag! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it :love: Please post pics of her with the whole spy family :love:
  3. Wow, Congrats girl!! You're one of the very lucky few!
  4. wow mashallah congratulations :smile:
  5. thank you girls.. =) glad you liked it..
  6. O!M!G!:amazed: IT'S GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  7. ya waaaaaaaaaaaaail 7aaaaaaaaali *faint*

    Enjoooooooooooy it .. kiss and hun 7mooooooody 4 me ; )

    Where did you find it? It's fabulous! Dare I ask how much you paid for that beauty?
  9. i really really love ur bag..
    congrats and keep us posted :smile:
  10. WOw...it is absolutely gorgeous! Where the heck did you get a hold of one??
  11. WOW is all I can say! Wow, wow!!!
  12. wow! it looks so unique! congrats!!!
  13. Nice. How original.

    That's the kind of bag that you can waer the most simple white tee with and STILL look fab.

    Congrats. :smile:
  14. LV Addict thanks a million hun!

    Chloe leesh 7asah iny a3arfich? lol.. :smile: Allah yesalmich o hug from Ahmed to you.. =)

    mpark.. Ooh please don't ask.. lol.. i paid a lot.. this is my most expensive bag by far...
  15. Thanks girls...

    en en when you've got the proper connections.. you can get anything *winks*

    i actually know for a fact that no. 59/60 is also available if anyone is interested.. in the fendi boutique in where i live..