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  1. Anyone know what the deal is with www.fendi.com being shut down for like forever now??:blink:

    Ive checked back for months and NOTHING...just the 'coming back' message....hmph.:Push:
  2. No clue also... if anyone could shed some light on this, that would be great.
  3. I know right....they make more than enough money not to have an up and running website. I guess it's not that important?
  4. yeah its not THAT important...I love to browse the official website for info and collection pics, though...like the chanel website. I guess well never know...sigh.
  5. i thinkits been like that for over a year. The website use to be really good and the collections were good viewing, but nothing recently!
  6. oh so you actually got to see the site when it was up and running then?
    thanks for letting me know....
  7. Yeah....it has been the same thing over and over again.
  8. maybe we could email someone and ask...when it will be up and running...
  9. I'd love that site to be working, I think we should get a petition up!

  10. Underneath where it says "coming back soon" and slightly to the right, there is a very small link that says "e-shopping (US only)." This will get you to the catalog.
  11. Hi Jenn38,

    I can't see that, and as it's a flash page I can't extract it via "view source" either - could you please post the link here?

  12. Since I am more awake today, I realized that this is a link to eluxury, but to Fendi nonetheless. Here is the link- hope it helps! If it doesn't work, just let me know and I'll see if I can figure something else out.
  13. yeah that link just sends you to E-lux....bummer~!