Fendi watch

  1. Hi everyone. I have a problem i don't know which watch to buy. The black on black has diamonds on the 9-3. And the tan on brown has none. Is it worth buying the diamonds one or not bc they are really small. I need help. Also i want to ask what do you guys think of the watch?
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  2. The watch is a great watch. I work at the fendi outlet and we have the watch at our store. I don't know where you were going to get it but we have the blacl and brown with no diamonds and we have it in white. And did i mention they are 50% off retail price. But I definitely think you should get one of them.

  3. I know i want one really bad. I don't think we have a fendi outlet out by me. How can i get it from you do you have a number to the store or something? Do you have the diamond one at your store? or just the one without the diamonds. I really want the one that is black and brown.
  4. Ooh, I've been drooling over these watches too!

  5. I know isn't it great. I want it so bad. Which one would you get? I know i want the black with brown. But i don't know if i want the diamond or not.
  6. i say go for the black
  7. The brown and black is nicer than the black but it really depends on if you want the diamonds. They are probably piavet diamonds which are like diamond chips almost. But whichever you decide you will love it. But no, we don't have any with diamonds at the outlet store. And just to inform everyone who may read this, there are two Fendi outlets, one in NY and one in FL. Enjoy whichever you choose.
  8. I have this watch - without the diamonds on the 9 and 3 - and it's probably the best thing I've ever bought. People are constantly stopping me to ask about it, look at it, etc. It's a great buy either way you go.

  9. I have this watch too, It's called the "zip code". I have the black on black without diamonds and I love it because it is very sporty and because there is no bling it goes with everything. I also get loads of compliments and have people stop and ask about it. It looks great with the 3/4 sleeve jackets that are so popular and don't forget you can wear it OVER gloves! Also, to let you know in case you get one, that you can have your watchmaker shorten the strap if it is too long, I did that and it is great. Don't make it too short though so that you can't get it over your hand putting it on! You can also buy extra bands in other colors!
    One note though, it is sometimes hard to get the watch to unclasp at the front to get it off. I just went to the Fendi boutique in NY and the SA told me that it is very common, so I just don't worry about it and keep on trying...:shrugs: