Fendi Watch - Love it or Hate it?

  1. Hello everyone,
    I am in the market for a new watch, and I do not know that much about watches but I would like a nice fashion watch that goes with my style. I picked this Fendi watch, just want to know what everyone thinks about it... The second pic is the ESQ lolita watch, the one I have and worn to death... w/ the black strap.

    Once I graduate college I plan to invest in a better watch for myself, aka Cartier or Rolex. =) Thanks for your comments!!

    It's the Fendi Quadro 6050 Series
    F605240.jpg esq lolita watch.JPG
  2. i like the fendi!
  3. I vote for the fendi!!
  4. fendi
  5. I really like the Fendi watch - great choice!
  6. I'd get the Fendi.
  7. Fendi too