Fendi Wallet Suggestions

  1. I'm looking to purchase a Fendi wallet to go with my new bag. I need something with a compartment for change and room for credit cards as well. Does anybody have a wallet that they love, and any ideas where I could get the best buy? Thanks!
  2. They just came out with these amazing new spy wallets..I saw them at the store last night :heart:33333
  3. Can you describe them? It sounds so tempting!
  4. I just bought the b-wallet. It's bigger than most folding wallets and has a change purse side and the inside has 8 slots for CC's and a double billfold area. It holds quite a lot; the leather is that same bubbly spy leather. I'm quite happy with it.
  5. Oh, these sound awesome! All I know about fendi wallets is a few years back purchased one online and ended up returning it as it was too small. I have some no-name brand wallet I don't even use so very interested in the spy one! I've seen the b-wallet online (exluxury?) and thats really cute too! Anyone have pics of the spy wallet?
  6. Just checked out eluxury and that zucca french one is cute but looks small.