fendi under $1000

  1. how does everyone feel about someone on eBay selling a fendi spy for under 1000 dollars? there is a black spy posted and the seller wants 600.00. what do you think?:angel:
  2. did you want to know if it's authentic? did you post in the authenticate thread?
  3. Why, this seller must be tarred and feathered immediately! How dare they?! :upsidedown:

    What do you mean, how do we "feel"? We're not like Spy Mafia or something. What anyone does with their Spy is completely their business.
  4. For that price, I would think it's counterfeit.
  5. 600 is quite inexpensive... but let us remember the tPF member who scored an authetic bag for $100?? (can not remember her name). It is possible. I bought an authentic spy for just over $1200 and I thought I snagged a bargain!!.... and yes I did have it authenticated here.

    fatefullotus.... how do you know there is no spy mafia, hey?:supacool: