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  1. Now if anyone in here likes Fendi, that's fine but I really don't like it. So moving on, Fendi created this fox-fur bag. The description says : "Established in 1925, the entrepreneurial house of Fendi credits its success to three main factors—creativity, technology, and craftsmanship (in the highest sense). These attributes come to life in Fendi's signature furs (completely transformed, shaped, redesigned, and reinterpreted by Fendi), and in innovative handbags that establish a new philosophy and define a style archetype."
    What the? So anyway whoever absolutely hates this purse......
    Post Here! :amuse:

  2. I don't like that style in general, Fendi has had a lot of hit or miss bags this season.
  3. I HATE that one!! :sick:
  4. muy feo.
  5. I just posted a Marc bag that looks similar to this one... gag!
  6. That's a Fugly bag. But sometimes I crave Fendi bags. Not all though...just some. As Noriko said Fendi has alot of hit or miss bags...But I love em' when they do it right. :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.