Fendi Tulle Spy bag

  1. I just cam back from Rodeo Dr. and saw thee most beautiful black Tulle Spy there! It was amazingly gorgeous!!!! If anyone was looking for one, it's there!:love:
  2. Ooohhhh... I haven't seen pictures of a black tulle! I bet it was stunning!!! :love: :love: :love:
  3. Hi, sorry, have you seen the gray tulle anywhere? They call it gray but to me it looks more pinkish.
  4. Is it the mauve one?
  5. Oh which one is this, is this new or is it the one I just bought with the Pearls
  6. Saich - This was a 2006 thread! LOL! ;)
  7. :shocked: :noggin: silly me, here I am getting all excited thinking someones found a new spy must look at dates on these treads when people drag up old ones
  8. Hee hee Saich

    You are defo obsessive!
  9. Brain of Britian I am......LOL
  10. On the message board my bf is a member of they call this "necroposting". *L* I almost never look at the dates on the threads because I always figure if it's at the top it must be new, because why would someone bring up a year old post instead of just making a new thread for something more current? Don't feel bad Saich, it got me too. :smile: