Fendi tube satchel

  1. i like the first two. but might be too shiny for me though...
  2. the second oen definatly!! my friend has it and it is ultra cute!
  3. Mmmm I like the 3rd one, it'll go with everything, looks roomy too.
  4. Thanks everyone!! But after thinking long and hard about it, I decided to save my $ for a paddy afterall. Hee hee...
  5. Good idea!:idea:
  6. I like the larger metallic, saw it in person, too cute! Its more shimmery than most metallics.
  7. Ya, I saw it in person too at the Fendi store and played with it for awhile. It's the size of the LV Speedy so I like that, but ahhhhh... must save money right now with all those holiday gifts I need to shop for others. ::sigh:: I promise myself that after the holiday is just going to be me me me me me!!! :lol:
  8. heh I hear you, I was doing the math and gifts are going to cut into my watch budget:suspiciou Darn hallmark holidays:lol:
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