Fendi Trunk show

  1. well i was on neimanmarcus.com and came across a new collection of fendi handbags avaliable from the trunk show well here are da pictures and i hope you enjoy;) (sorry if anyone has post these pictures)
    [​IMG]Zucca Chef Bag $965 [​IMG]Raddica Boston Bag $1595
    [​IMG]Convertible Zucca Bag $1600[​IMG]Camouflage Media Bag $1920
    [​IMG]Large Sequin Spy Bag $4890[​IMG]To You Suede Purse $1595
    [​IMG]Forever Fendi Satchel $655

    And many other just check out the webiste for more details.
  2. To me, that Forever Fendi Satchel looks like a bag with longevity, classic shape, I kinda like it!
  3. An SA at Bloomingdales told me that the convertible clutch was super popular with the pre-orders. She said that one was getting all the buzz. That's one I'd need to see in person!
  4. I'd like to see a picture of the convertible carried as handbag. It looks like a perfect clutch but, how will it look on shoulder?
  5. Breena, I totally agree!
  6. wow!!
  7. I was just browsing BG.com and saw the Forever satchel...glad to find this awesome thread! I'm drawn to the patent orange trim but not sure at the same time. The price is right, OMG!!