FENDI this FRIDAY @ Ruelala!!!!

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  1. The boutique opens at 11 am PST. I'm excited to see how cheap the stuff is going to be! But if it's not under 200, eh, not really worth it imo...i want rock bottom prices b/c Fendi is super expensive. But from the preview, it looks like they're going to have some really nice bags!

    I'll report back Friday.
  2. Thanks, I just logged in and set up a reminder!!
  3. i have three reminders...email, outlook calendar, and text lol...I don't want to miss out!!
  4. I'm gald you posted it. I can't miss that one. I hit up the Juicy sale last week, and just got my bag yesterday.
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  6. There's a post on this and unfortunately it's forbidden. I just signed up though using a CBS(i believe it was cbs..) e-mail address that was posted on the forum (cbs wrote an article about it and gave an email address to use as an invite). Sorry, I just xed the link, but I'm sure if you search for ruelala, you will be able to find it:smile: Good luck!
  7. It's in the sticky of the deal & steals forum. I just signed up with the CBS link also.
  8. Oooops! Sorry!

    Well, I did find the link and I signed up through there. Thanks!
  9. I just signed up too! I wished the Fendi sale started earlier on Friday - I just won't leave the house until after 11:00!
  10. I just checked out the sale and left immediately! The prices are not great at all!!! :yucky:
  11. nope...about the same prices as bluefly...cute stuff...but still not very cheap...$325 going for 225 (and that's the cheapest things)...$675 Baguettes going for 475...Satchels 625

    prices not good
  12. OMG! I checked wayyy to late and saw my favorite bag GONE! I guess I wasn't meant to have a mini spy :sad:
  13. The prices weren't that low, considering that everything is final sale, I didn't get anything.
  14. For someone who really wants the bag, it's probably a good deal. I didn't get anything either though. :hrmm: