Fendi sun anyone?

  1. So I've seen random threads here and there about Fendi Sunglasses, and since summer is coming soon...Lets see the sunglasses!! Mine are from a few seasons ago, but I :heart: them
    Photo 3.jpg
  2. Here are some of mine. I have a pair sort of like yours with gold bead things embedded in it. My current favs are FS354 -- like how it looks on my face...the tortoise shell look best.


  3. Ooh, they're all beautiful!!

    So far, my suns are the only Fendi item I have. I work for an optometrist part time, so I have a few sunglasses and a ton of regular opthalmic glasses. Out of all the suns that I have, my fendis are my fave.
  4. I am loving your earrings Baglady. You look very classy!