Fendi Suing Sams Club, Walmart, Costco for selling fakes!

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  1. I just heard on the morning news that fendi is suing these stores for selling fake bags at retail prices of $500 and up!! Can you believe it???

    I always thought Sams club was authentic stuff, I know for sure walmart is fake, but the other stores?? my goodness.

    an additional bit of info that they just stated:
    Walmart owns Sam's Club stores
    Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton owns Fendi corporation

    interesting huh?
    you learn something new every day...!
  2. :shocked: that's crazy! i always thought sam's club = costco and i know that costco = real stuff. i wonder if they were selling fakes on purpose or they thought they were getting a great deal from their wholesaler?

    moet hennessy louis vuitton? that sounds like a PARTY, not a company!:rochard::yahoo::angel::biggrin:
  3. Owww....Wal-mart cant get out of that!!! Go get um fendi!!
  4. Didn't some of our members get some fendis at a Sam's Club or something like that?!
  5. That's great to hear. Unfortunately, sometimes one must sue in order to stop bad behaviour. I hope all the counterfeiters will be held accountable for their actions along with the retail stores.
  6. Hmm good for Fendi
  7. A while back, someone in here bought a Spy from Sam Club's for around $1600...that's a little bit low.

    At least Costco sold it for $1899.
  8. Wowza!
  9. Costco, too? Or just Sam's/Walmart?
  10. I wonder if the people who bought the fake goods can get their money back??
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